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Single layer spray sterilization pot

时间:2023-05-05 16:31:27

Working principle of spray sterilization pot: A small amount of process water is injected into the process tank to reach the predetermined liquid level...

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Working principle of spray sterilization pot:

Inject a small amount of process water into the process tank to reach the predetermined liquid level, and spray the process water evenly on the product through the nozzles on both sides of the sterilization pot through a circulation pump. The heat distribution inside the pot is uniform, with precise temperature and pressure control, and no dead corners in sterilization. Spray sterilization pot is suitable for various high-temperature resistant packaging materials:

1. High temperature bagged products: high-temperature cooking bags, aluminum foil bags

2. Metal canned products: tin cans, aluminum cans, aluminum bowls.

3. Glass Bottled Products: Glass Bottles

4. Plastic bottled, cupped, and boxed products: PP bottles, PP cups, aluminum foil boxes, plastic boxes.

The function of a sterilization pot: To extend the shelf life of food, it is necessary to sterilize or sterilize the food at high temperatures for a short period of time. This not only kills possible pathogenic bacteria in the food, but also maintains the important nutritional components and color, aroma, and flavor of the food from being damaged. This series of sterilization pots has a reasonable structure, good sealing, effortless opening and closing, convenient operation, safety and reliability, stable performance, and is equipped with a compressed air pipeline system to counter pressure the compressed air.

Classification of sterilization pots:

According to control methods, it can be divided into manual control, semi-automatic control (semi-automatic for electrical appliances, semi-automatic for computers), and fully automatic control. According to heating methods, it can be divided into electric heating, steam heating, and dual-purpose electric and steam types. According to sterilization methods, it can be divided into water bath, steam, and spray (side spray, top spray). According to appearance, it can be divided into: single pot, double layer, double combined, three pot combined, two dragged one, three dragged one, and rotating cage (inner cage body rotates)

The sterilization method of the sterilization pot:

1. Hot water circulation sterilization: During sterilization, all the food in the pot is soaked in hot water, and this method has a relatively uniform heat distribution

2. Steam sterilization: After the food is loaded into the pot, it is not added with water first, but directly heated by steam. Due to the presence of air in the pot during the sterilization process, cold spots may occur, so the heat distribution is not the most uniform in this method.

3. Water spray sterilization: This method uses a nozzle or spray pipe to spray hot water onto the food. The sterilization process is carried out through nozzles installed on both sides or at the top of the sterilization pot, spraying a mist of wavy hot water onto the surface of the food. This not only ensures uniform temperature without blind spots, but also rapid heating and cooling speed, which can comprehensively, quickly, and stably sterilize the products in the pot. It is particularly suitable for sterilization of soft packaged food.

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