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The application of frozen meat grinder

时间:2023-08-28 11:04:18

The frozen meat grinder is a commonly used cutting, stirring and crushing equipment in food processing. We can customize the grinder according to different customer raw materials to meet different customer needs. The grinder adopts a biased feeding system, with fast and smooth discharge. The temperature rise of the cut meat filling is extremely low. All parts that come into contact with meat, such as working screws, workrooms, extrusion sleeves, hoppers, main knife holders, and casings, are made of stainless steel and fully comply with hygiene requirements. Especially, working screws are made of stainless steel body by hand welding, with high strength, no deformation, and stable performance.

The frozen meat grinder uses high-pressure conveying screws to drive the meat chunks to the front end to cut tissue, where they are pressurized. The working auger rotates in the high-pressure pipe, and the spiral groove inside the auger sleeve helps push the material forward to avoid backflow. The removal of the twisting and cutting components is accomplished through the standard ejector. The seamless material tray is embedded into the machine body. The frozen meat grinder can directly process boneless meat chunks that have not been thawed at -18 ℃ into particles of different sizes. Grind frozen meat in chunks at -18 ℃, without damaging the muscle fiber tissue structure, without thawing, reducing the loss of nutrients and protein in the meat, and can also grind softened meat to prepare for chopping or stirring.

The advantages of frozen meat grinder;

1. Good universality, wide applicability, and high production efficiency.

2. It has the function of frozen meat, saving time, effort, freshness, and quality.

3. The twisting process takes a short time and has a low temperature rise, which is beneficial for preservation and prolongs the shelf life.

4. The forward and reverse functions reduce the possibility of blockage in the meat grinder to zero.

5. Multiple orifice plate combinations are more suitable for the requirements of different meat products.

The frozen meat grinder is suitable for various types of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken bones, duck bones, pig skin, cowhide, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc. It is widely used in various sausage, ham sausage, lunch meat, meatballs, salty essence, pet food and other meat products industries. Can directly grind frozen/large frozen meat into small pieces, and design multiple orifice plate combinations to better meet the requirements of different meat products.