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Dried tofu fumigation oven, roast duck, pig hoof, fumigation and coloring equipment

时间:2023-08-29 10:12:23

Dried tofu fumigation oven, roast duck, pig hoof, fumigation and coloring equipment structure introduction:

The dried tofu smoking oven, roast duck and pig hoof smoking and coloring equipment is mainly composed of furnace body, heating system, circulating air system and electric control system.

The furnace body, all internal components and outer walls of the furnace body are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant. The meat products are hung on a trailer and sent into the furnace body. After closing the furnace door, cooking and other work can be carried out according to the set process parameters.

In the cooking section, an automatic steam generation system is designed inside the furnace to directly heat the products inside. The steam production can be adjusted according to different products, and the pressure inside the box is not allowed to exceed 0.08Mpa.

The circulating air system is equipped with a dual speed electric fan on the top of the furnace body, which ensures high power and high air flow to ensure temperature rise inside the furnace, ensuring uniform and consistent temperature throughout, and ensuring stable and reliable product quality.

The smoking system stores the wood chips in the smoking tray inside the furnace. The wood chips or fructose are stored on the smoking tray, and the smoking button on the control panel is pressed and the time is adjusted. The smoke will evenly smoke the cooked products inside the furnace. Use manual ignition and jog the feeding button to adjust the time.

The electrical control system of the fully automatic fumigation box adopts advanced human-machine interface and programmable controller to automatically control and monitor various processes.

Dried tofu smoker roast duck pig hoof smoker colouring equipment advantages:

1. No need to adjust, there is no need to flip the product up and down during the processing, but it can ensure that all surfaces of the product are evenly colored.

2. High production capacity, saving labor. After pushing the product into the box, the machine can automatically complete all the process flows and be discharged at once.

3. The host is made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic, avoiding the environment of traditional processing methods that can cause smoke and fire.

Dried tofu smoker Roast duck pig hoof smoker Coloring equipment Scope of application:

Sausages, roast chicken, bacon, chicken wings, duck neck, etc. are suitable for restaurants, catering chains, frozen food enterprises, Pickled vegetables processing plants, seafood processing plants, fruit and vegetable processing plants, etc.