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The application scope and working principle of the chopper mixer

时间:2023-08-30 16:38:22

The chopping and mixing machine equipment is mainly used in small processing plants, home workshops, and laboratories, which are suitable for small-scale production customers. Its equipment has a wide range of applications, mainly used for deep processing and production of meat products, as well as for crushing medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables, jelly, coconut, and cloves. The chopping and mixing machine has a high blade shaft speed, which has a good chopping and emulsification effect. It can retain the original color, aroma, and nutritional components of the raw materials without being damaged. During the operation of the equipment, the blade speed, pot speed, and the gap between the chopping knife and the chopping pot achieve precise and perfect coordination, making the material generate less heat and have high delicacy during the chopping process. Moreover, the equipment has multiple specifications, which can meet the needs of different customers. Requirement. The chopper mixer is made of 304 stainless steel material, which meets food hygiene and safety standards and is corrosion-resistant.

Working principle of the chopper mixer:.

The overall chopping and mixing machine is composed of a transmission knife shaft, a chopping knife, a (stainless steel material can be customized) chopping pot, a frame, and an electrical control system. The chopping pot continuously feeds materials to the knife group through the low-speed rotation of the internal reducer of the equipment frame. The knife shaft is driven by a dual speed motor (or variable frequency motor) through a belt pulley to operate at high speed. The raw materials are operated in a spiral manner in the chopping pot, and the air in the materials is discharged during the stirring and chopping process of the chopping knife group of the chopping and mixing machine. Due to the high-speed operation of the chopping knife, the separation rate of the raw material leaf juice is reduced, greatly ensuring the emulsification effect of the product, thereby increasing the elasticity and delicacy of the product.

Scope of application of the chopper mixer:.

Deep processing of meat products, hot pot shops, dumpling shops, baozi shops, ham sausages, and pet sausages.