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The characteristics of vibration drainage machine

时间:2023-09-05 09:25:21

The characteristics of vibration drainage machine:

1. This machine is driven by an eccentric vibration motor. Before use, the four legs must be fixed to prevent the equipment from moving during use.

2. The connection between the material conveyor belt, elevator, etc. and the vibrating screen should be kept at an appropriate distance to avoid collision with other equipment during operation.

3. The material is fed from the inlet and discharged from the dustpan. If the discharge speed is too fast or too slow, the height of the front and rear legs can be adjusted appropriately (using methods such as padding).

4. When cleaning or cleaning the vibrating screen, the power must be turned off first, and maintenance, upkeep, cleaning, and other work cannot be carried out with electricity.

5. When cleaning the equipment, pay attention to protecting the motor and do not let it get wet to prevent short circuits and damage to the motor.

6. Pay attention to the condition of the equipment before starting up and using it every day. If there are loose bolts or springs jumping out, be sure to tighten and adjust them at any time.

7. If allowed on site, try to provide grounding protection as much as possible.

8. If there is any welding or structural damage in a certain part, it must be stopped immediately and the manufacturer must be contacted for maintenance and repair as required.